Chancellor's Associates

Chancellor's Associates

Chancellor’s Associates are UC Santa Cruz’s leadership annual giving community. Chancellor’s Associates provide consistent support that is critical to our success as a world-class higher learning institution. Chancellor’s Associates welcomes alumni, parents, faculty, staff, and friends as generous campus partners. Year after year, donors who make leadership gifts as a Chancellor’s Associate bridge the gap between endowed scholarships and other sources of financial aid. This annual commitment enables transformative change and inspires others to give back.

Chancellor’s Associates begins with an annual gift to any area, college, department, or program in the amount of $2,500 or more. We recognize that young alumni are at the start of a dynamic and exciting time of their lives; we welcome graduates of the last decade (GOLD) to Chancellor’s Associates with an annual gift of $500 or more.

Being a Chancellor’s Associate means engaging in meaningful ways across campus in the areas donors are most passionate about. Our students, faculty, research, programs, facilities, and community as a whole benefit greatly from this special and loyal group of supporters. As a member of the giving community, benefits include:

  • Annual appreciation gift
  • Chancellor’s Associates Newsletter
  • Personal campus liaison
  • Access to exclusive Chancellor’s Associates events
  • Exclusive updates with university leadership

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