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UCSC's residential learning colleges provide students with academic support, activities, and events that enhance the intellectual and social life of the campus. Private giving supports these vibrant communities of learning.

All undergraduate students, whether they live on campus or not, are affiliated with one of ten residential colleges at UC Santa Cruz. Each college provides academic support, organizes student activities, and sponsors events that enhance the intellectual and social life of the campus in addition to housing students in small-scale residential communities. Every college community includes students with diverse backgrounds and academic goals. A student's college affiliation is independent of his or her choice of major.


How did you choose your college, and how has your college affected your education?
Michael BierneHonestly, I chose College Eight because I already knew some people who were going there, and it had a great view. The core course was an interesting overview on the relationship between humans and their environment. The college system in general creates a unique sort of pride tied to your college of origin. It's interesting to be able to relate similar experiences with other College Eight members, whether it be late night dining hall stories or the preponderance of Uggs. Read more about Michael Bierne

Janelle YongSince I was practically born on the stage dancing and acting, I wanted to choose a college that would provide an environment and an outlet for performing arts. I knew that I would be immersed in studying and working in the labs for engineering, so I wanted that perfect balance. However, it still amuses me when people are surprised that I’m an engineer from Porter. Read more about Janelle Yong

Eric GonzalezI chose my college based on its location because it is within easy walking distance to most places on campus. College Ten is a community where people have a wide range of views, but a common passion to make a difference. Our core writing class definitely opened my eyes to new things, but it was the people at College Ten who truly affected my education. Read more about Eric Gonzalez

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