Chancellor's Associates

A Gift of $1,000 qualifies you as a Chancellor’s Associate.

Share the campus vision of education, public service, and research. Gifts to this fund allow the Chancellor’s Office the flexibility to support top priorities that continue the values that have made us independent, nimble, and visionary.

To learn more about Chancellor’s Associates contact:

DeAndra Hicks
Director, Leadership Annual Giving
UC Santa Cruz University Relations

YES is a powerful gift.

By making a gift to the UCSC Fund, you allow us to say yes.

This is the most flexible kind of support you can give us, because these funds go to initiatives that will benefit immediately from extra financial help.

With your help, last year we said yes to:

  • Funding the Chancellor’s Undergraduate Internship Program and Regents Scholars
  • Assisting the library
  • Funding athletics 
  • Supporting the Arboretum
  • Running the Undergraduate Awards Program and 
  • Providing Graduate Division fellowship awards

Be the difference in the life of a student. Every gift, of any size, is profound.

Make a gift