Banana Slug Connection

The Banana Slug Connection (BSC) works to maintain the connection that students have with UCSC once they become alumni. To do this, BSC supports student-led programs that teach about the impact of philanthropy on student education, as well as create opportunities for gratitude awareness and giving. BSC also connects students with alumni to bridge the slug connection and provides opportunities for learning and networking, while strengthening the connection of giving.

To help accomplish this, BSC houses two additional organizations, Slug to Slug and the Senior Class Council. Slug to Slug works to promote a culture of giving among the current student body and provides opportunities for students to support other students. The Senior Class Council works to promote a culture of giving among graduating seniors, and focuses on raising money for the Senior Legacy Fund, the only student-initiated, student-supported, and student-distributed fund on campus.

Students smiling with Sammy

Do you need volunteers at your event?

If you are looking for students to assist at your UCSC sponsored event, please email Katie Linder.

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Slug to Slug and 2016 Senior Class Council

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact the Alumni and Student Outreach Coordinator, Katie Linder at (831) 459-3151.