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Restoring quarry glory

While giving his college-bound daughter a tour of UC Santa Cruz last fall, William Hancock (Cowell '79, environmental planning) wanted to show her the Quarry Amphitheater, once known as a great place to attend a lecture, take in a concert, or—during off-hours— sit quietly with a good book.

He was shocked to find that the amphitheater was closed for safety reasons.

"It's such a beautiful spot, and kind of hidden, and I just felt sad that it had fallen into disrepair,'' said Hancock, managing principal of the California Appellate Law Group in San Francisco. "I remember hearing someone play guitar there. The acoustics were beautiful. My sister acted there in a play by Euripides."

Hancock's gift to UCSC has kicked off a fundraiser to renovate and add new seating, a stage, and stage canopy to the amphitheater, closed because of seismic safety issues since 2006. The design would respect the way the present version blends with its sylvan surroundings, said architect Cheryl Barton, who studied with original Quarry Amphitheater designer Robert Royston.

The amphitheater dates back almost to the origins of UCSC. Founding chancellor Dean McHenry held his 1966 inauguration there, even before the project was completed in 1967.

The renovation is in the early phase, but a recent campus survey got a tremendous response from alumni, and from the UCSC Student Union Assembly, which has committed over $2 million in student fee reserves.

Those who wish to support this project may contact John Hopkins, senior director of development, student experience, at (831) 459-3822, or jehopkin@ucsc.edu.