Paul Rabwin

"It's clear that the creative environment at UC Santa Cruz is what motivated me to succeed in this career," said Paul Rabwin (Cowell '70), a multiple Emmy-award nominee and Golden Globe-winning television producer. Rabwin supports the UC Santa Cruz theater arts program "financially, emotionally, and spiritually -- anything I can do to help."

January 01, 2011

Television producer Paul Rabwin (Cowell '70) at his home in Los Angeles.

A "pioneer alumnus," Rabwin helped to literally create performing arts programs at UC Santa Cruz. Founder of the Cowell Madrigal Singers and composer for many University Theater Productions, he and his classmates remodeled a Cowell Ranch building at the base of campus into the Barn Theater, one of the first performing arts venues at UC Santa Cruz. "I was given tremendous opportunities because there were no ongoing or even existing performing arts programs at the time," said Rabwin. "So my classmates and I did all this wonderful, creative work that I wouldn't have been able to do otherwise. I want to ensure that those opportunities continue at Santa Cruz."

The relationships Rabwin formed with faculty and classmates have also helped to shape his life. "I think the support group that has been created among the alumni is very critical," he said. "I think it's important for new students and their parents to know it's there, and that that's part of the UCSC experience as well."

As a producer, Rabwin has directed second unit crews responsible for shooting sequences not involving main actors; produced special effects for the entire X-Files series; and supervised post production on four television series simultaneously. "I don't think there's any question that the type of educational environment that I experienced motivated me to seek out a similar, creative environment in my life's work," said Rabwin. "I liked the combination of structure and self-motivational direction that I was given at UC Santa Cruz, and it turned out to be important in my field."

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