Endowment Minimums

UC Santa Cruz has determined minimum financial levels for establishing an endowment, and at these levels the donor will have the opportunity to name the endowment fund.

Professorships, Endowed Chairs and Salary-Supporting Endowments  
Endowed Chair, Dean and University Librarian $5,000,000
University Endowed Chair $3,000,000
Administrative Chair $1,500,000
Endowed Chair $1,000,000
Professorship  $500,000
Visiting Scholar $350,000
Postdoctoral Fellowship $350,000
Endowed Staff $250,000

Research, Administrative and General Endowments

Faculty Research Fund in Physical and Biological Sciences or Jack Baskin Schoool of Engineering $350,000
Faculty Research Fund in Arts, Humanities or Social Sciences $200,000
Chancellor's Discretionary Fund $250,000
Dean’s or Provost’s Discretionary Fund $250,000
Annual Distinguished Lecture Fund $100,000
Biennial Distinguished Lecture Fund $50,000
Academic Unit or Program Endowment $25,000
Named Prize or Special Award $25,000
Library Subject Endowment $10,000

Student Support Endowments

International Graduate Fellowship $350,000
Graduate Fellowship $250,000
Graduate Student Prize or Award $100,000
International Undergraduate Fellowship $100,000
Undergraduate Scholarship $50,000
Undergraduate Prize or Award $25,000