Ways Funds Are Used

The chancellor invests the UC Santa Cruz Fund and the Parents Fund where they will have the greatest impact. Here are some of the ways he has invested:


The Chancellor's Undergraduate Internship Program pairs competitively selected students with faculty in leadership seminar classes and in internships across campus. Among internships:

  • The Good Neighbor Initiative: Students work with campus neighbors on issues important to the community.
  • Student Veterans: Supports recruitment and retention of military veteran students
  • Campus Sustainability Education and Outreach: Promotes campaigns to conserve resources

Student groups

More than 150 student-led organizations count on Student Organization Advising & Resources for support in creating a culturally enriched environment. Among the breadth of organizations:

  • Rotaract: Rotary-sponsored club based on campus that engages young men and women in public service.
  • The African American Theater Arts Troupe: Culturally inclusive student-run performance group.
  • City on a Hill Press: Weekly student newspaper published in print and online.

Excellence across campus

Academic innovation benefits from strategic support in a range of areas, including:

  • Funding for promising research projects
  • Seed funding for innovative programs in the Colleges
  • Extending hours of operation at McHenry Library
  • Supporting intercollegiate athletics