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Chancellor's Message

Dear Friends of UC Santa Cruz,

This spring, an unprecedented number of alumni and friends converged on campus for a very special edition of our Alumni Weekend celebration.

They came to mark the 50th anniversary of UC Santa Cruz. Those who took part saw a campus that is looking toward the future while holding on to the spirit of '65.

Bold inquiry, cross-disciplinary learning, and risk-taking remain strong up here in the redwoods—thanks to your generous support.

Goals that once seemed distant are getting closer now, including the fundraising push to revive our beautiful Quarry Amphitheater. The Campaign for UC Santa Cruz is also supporting students, faculty, and programs across campus, and highlighting areas of extraordinary impact including genomics, coastal sustainability, data science, and the arts.

Thank you for supporting this remarkable place and being part of our UC Santa Cruz family. Here's to the next 50 years!


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George Blumenthal
Chancellor, UC Santa Cruz

Chancellor George Blumenthal - Signature

Summer 2015 Profiles in Giving

Siegmund Gutman

Gratitude for a life of discovery

Siegmund Gutman attributes his life of discovery and inquiry to the interdisciplinary training he got at UC Santa Cruz. His way of expressing his gratitude? Monthly donations.

Dean McHenry and Henry McHenry

McHenry’s legacy continues

UC Santa Cruz’s founding chancellor Dean McHenry set the tone for the fledgling campus when it opened 50 years ago. Now his estate is sustaining his support of UC Santa Cruz long into the future.

Jimiliz Valiente

Saving history

Donors helped sociology graduate student Jimiliz Valiente-Neighbours preserve a piece of history.

Darrell Long

Sustaining her vision

Mary Katherine Long's death at 53 was a great shock to her family. Her husband, Professor of Computer Science Darrell Long, decided to commemorate his wife by establishing the Mary Katherine Long Endowed Scholarship Fund.

Ricky Bluthenthal

Ricky Bluthenthal: Why do I give to UC Santa Cruz?

UC Santa Cruz had a big impact on my life when I was a student, and it still does. Being there helped me figure out how the world worked.

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