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Chancellor's Message

Each June as I shake the hands of graduates during commencement, I reflect on how their UC Santa Cruz degree will open doors of opportunity for them throughout their lives.

What students learn here is more than lines in a textbook, more than rows on a spreadsheet. It's authentic thinking, problem solving, collaborating, and questioning. Knowledge seeps into them. It's growth of the mind and of the heart.

And we are growing with them—with help from people like you. For example:

Thanks to the efforts of a dedicated former staff member, our library offers a large and impressive video and media collection; his generosity ensures it will remain current and robust.

One of our wonderful theater groups, the African American Theater Arts Troupe—which has already awarded more than $85,000 in scholarships—is building its endowment so it can support more students.

We are grateful for their help, and for you—people who are reaching out, creating opportunity, and forging a bright future.

Thank you.


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George Blumenthal
Chancellor, UC Santa Cruz

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