2009-2010 UC Santa Cruz Foundation Annual Report


A Message from the President

Gary Novak

Gary Novack, Ph.D

Following a year of daunting economic challenges for our state and the University of California, I'm proud to be able to share some good news for philanthropy at UC Santa Cruz in 2009-10.

Both individual and institutional donors demonstrated remarkable generosity and commitment. The size of an average gift to UCSC rose 11.1 percent. Gifts from individuals increased by more than 20 percent.

The Foundation itself also had a successful year: 10 new endowments were established, doubling the five established a year ago. And, gifts and pledges to all Foundation endowments rose more than 39 percent.

The support of more than 12,000 individuals and institutions helped UCSC fulfill its mission as a stellar research university offering unparalleled educational opportunities to students. As a result, the campus continues to expand both its reach and impact.

Forty-five years after admitting its first students, UCSC's unbridled promise is closer than ever to being realized. I invite you to continue on the journey with us.

Gary Novack, Ph.D.
President, UC Santa Cruz Foundation

Faculty and Staff support is critical to our success

By the numbers

UCSC donors rallied to support the campus in 2009-10. Your contribution made a difference to the students and faculty.

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